About Us

A Premier Tree Surgeon in Albuquerque

Who are we?  What is a tree surgeon and what do we do?  We are a conglomerate of literal tree huggers.  We talk and listen to trees on a daily basis.  Humans and trees are more interconnected than you may realize.  Hospital patients feel more relaxed and heal faster when their window overlooks a tree scape.  As certified tree surgeons we perform much needed operations for our silent green friends.  Whether its tree trimming, bracing or cabling, our incisions are exact.  Just as your doctor prescribes supplements to bolster your health, we supply your trees with organic fertilizers to boost their growth.  We are sworn to protect and care for trees at all times.  Even when removing a tree, there is great attention and thought involved.

For over 20 years we have provided Albuquerque, NM with impeccable tree service.  We have 5 arborists on staff.  Each has at least 10 years of experience in the field.  Collectively, we have over 85 years of practical experience and training.  We are the company that you want to handle all your green needs.  No matter how complex the problem, there is always a simple solution.  If your beautiful white oak is hanging dangerously over your home, instead of getting rid of it, we can simply trim the crown back to a manageable diameter.  When we trim trees we are conscious of keeping its natural shape.  As responsible arborists we approach our treatments from a holistic standpoint.  For more information about the services we offer and our credentials, contact us today.