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Services of Tree Surgeons in Albuquerque

Trees hold the history of our past and present.  They have an impeccable memory.  If the soil is depleted of vital nutrients, your trees will regulate themselves the following year.  Your trees won’t bloom as expected and the difference will be palpable.  Enlist Premier Tree Surgeons Albuquerque to care for your soil and your trees.  Trees receive 90% of its nutrients from the air.  While there’s not much that we can do about the air quality, we can control the nutrients in the soil and the amount of light your trees receive.  In forest environments, trees of like species will not outgrow each other.  They will make sure to grow to the same height so that everyone has access to much needed sunlight.  In urban and suburban environments where trees are planted in accordance with human proclivities, communal activities are limited.  If trees are competing with each other for vital nutrients, we can trim them so that they all have an opportunity to thrive.

Our services include:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Hazard Inspections
  • Tree Braces & Support Systems
  • Fertilization
  • Tree Care

Sometimes trees need our help.  Trees located in urban areas are the most vulnerable.  They are very social creatures and yet urban areas provide very little community.  When a tree is ill it can compartmentalize and only send vital nutrients to the healthiest limbs.  Outside the forest, things are a bit different.  A fractured or split tree will need our help to mend and grow properly.  Contact us for tree braces, cabling and other support systems.