Tree Care

Tree Care by Premier Tree Surgeons

Trees were initially thought to be simple creatures – our silent friends.  The most complicated part of their existence was thought to be during the photosynthesis process.  New science has revealed that an entire wood wide web exists underneath our feet.  When you look at a tree what you’re really viewing is a complex system of communication, bridges and highways.  Each tree supports its kin with sugars and other vital nutrients.  This is what typically occurs in forest settings.  In Albuquerque, our trees are often lone rangers.  They are out in the environment fending for themselves.  This is where Premier Tree Surgeons Albuquerque comes in.  We provide 360 tree care for your greenery.


On average, trees consume 2000 liters of water annually.  We don’t get a lot of rain in Albuquerque but we do accumulate 9 inches of snow per year.  Trees absorb most of their necessary water intake via their root system.  If the ground is cold and rock hard, it will be difficult for your trees to access enough water.  Although their water intake is high, it is very easy to over water your trees.  Instead of increasing your tree’s water intake, consider mulch.  We can install mulch as a way to keep the surrounding moisture within your tree’s reach.


Tree are like elephants in that they have tremendous memories.  A tree will limit its growth based on the conditions it experienced the previous year.  If the soil quality was poor and the tree was unable to garner the nutrients it needed to blossom, it will limit its growth for the current year and the next until the soil is enriched.  Our veteran arborists can apply an organic fertilizer to the soil so that your trees can thrive and the soil composition will be improved for the following season.  We will be sure to select the appropriate fertilizer for your existing soil composition and tree species.


Trees are not just calming to look at.  The sole reason for their existence is not to provide a great anchor for your tire swing.  We know that they provide shade and help to cool down your home and office during the summer months.  To understand trees, you must look at the bigger picture.  They are the oldest organisms on the planet.  It makes sense that they provide the planet with oxygen via photosynthesis.  Trees take light energy and converts it into oxygen.  Without access to an adequate life source, a tree cannot do its job efficiently.  We can prune your trees if they happen to be blocking light from another valuable plant. Learn more about the premier tree surgeons from Albuquerque.