Tree Hazard Inspections

Dead Tree for Tree Removal

If you’ve had an eye on a particular tree or trees near your property and you’ve been wondering whether or not it poses a threat, contact us for a complimentary tree hazard inspection.  As a layperson, it may be difficult to discern whether your neighbor’s tree or even a tree on your own property may fell during a wind storm and directly impact your home or car.  We use a very detailed check list to determine if a particular tree may come into contact with your roof, garage, power and utility lines.  If we notice anything problematic, we will present you with a list of suggestions to keep you safe while preserving as much of the tree as possible.

House and Building Threat

Our primary goal in this profession is to be responsible custodians of all living green things.  When we conduct tree hazard inspections it is with the client in mind.  Whenever we must trim or remove a tree because it poses a threat to a home, commercial or industrial building, we do it in the most humane way possible.   Canopies gradually spread and limbs grow over your roof and across roads.  The wind can get pretty intense in Albuquerque.  Our job is to preempt any danger that may result from dead trees, cracked limbs and inclement weather.

Vehicle Threat

Albuquerque is famous for its white oaks.  These big beautiful specimens have legendary canopies.  The limbs expanse across major roads.  When the ground is saturated with rain water, trees can uproot.  When they fell, major disruption to traffic, vehicles, drivers and passengers occurs.  In some extreme cases, even death.  Protect your vehicle and your neighbor’s too.  The last thing you need in your life is an angry neighbor blaming you for the demise of their precious car.  When we notice limbs looming over intersections, roads and streets, we trim them accordingly while attempting to keep their natural shape.  For more information about potential car threats, contact us today.

Power Line Threat

When the power is disrupted in a neighborhood, it’s usually the result of a tree felling.  This occurrence is completely avoidable.  You can’t chalk it up to an act of God when you can clearly see that the tree is growing directly over municipal power lines.  A team of arborists can safely remove any limbs that might post a problem.  In many cases, we will use a crane to avoid any accidents.  Utility lines for gas, power, fiber optic cables and electricity can be threatened by over zealous tree roots.  In these cases, we must remove the entire tree. Also, keep in mind any needs for tree braces and support systems.