Tree Removal

Trees on Ground for Tree Removal

Arborists train and study for years before becoming certified.  Our life is about plants.  The mission is to protect plants by any means necessary.  With that being said, we recognize that there are specific moments when trees must come down.  In general, they can be unhealthy and/or pose a threat to human, property and utilities.  Trees are the oldest organisms on the planet.  They are hearty creatures and it’s not difficult to see how a mighty tree can disrupt sewage pipes, power lines and destroy roofing.  Premier Tree Surgeons Albuquerque utilizes tried and true techniques to remove trees from your property safely.

Intelligent Forestry Equipment

Back in the day, you need a team of able bodied men to remove a tree from the ground.  In most cases, the root system and stump were left in place because traditional tools were no match for a mighty tree that had been firmly established for hundreds of years.   Today, a crew of men is unnecessary.  You would be surprised at how quickly and easily Premier Tree Surgeons Albuquerque can remove trees.  We reinvested our profits into our business early on.  Purchasing intelligent forestry equipment was one of the best decisions we ever made.  In this way we can remove trees along with it’s root system with the push of a button.

Protect Your Property

Even if the tree has been in your family for decades, if it poses a threat, it must come down.  It’s a sad day to see our silent companions go but we must choose the lesser of two evils.  We have removed trees whose root systems expanded underneath foundations and resulted in unstable homes.  A tree’s job is to provide oxygen for the world.  It can only do that with the proper balance of nutrients.  Trees will seek out sun, vitamins from soil and water to do their job efficiently.  They will disregard everything except the same species to do so.  In this game of survival of the fittest, trees can buckle sidewalks, driveways and walkways.  When this happens you can trust us to tame the tree or remove it from your property.

The Hazards of Dead Trees

Did you know that trees never die from old age?  A tree’s predators are insects, humans, animals, parasites and bacteria.  Within a healthy forest system, trees are supported and protected by like species.  When one tree is ill or deprived of vital nutrients, the well trees will send the unhealthy tree what it needs through a complex network of underground roots.  We call it the wood wide web.  Outside of a healthy forest network, urban and suburban trees can suffer.  They can fall on your property and any surrounding property and power lines in the vicinity.  Fell trees can cause thousands of dollars of damage. With that said, you may be able to avoid a tree falling by calling for premier tree trimming.

Contact a Professional

There are plenty of DIY videos on YouTube demonstrating how a layperson can remove trees.  We don’t trust those videos because they rarely show you the hiccups and disastrous outcomes that can occur.  Keep in mind that we are removing living beings.  These organisms have been deeply planted in the soil for hundreds of years in some cases.  It won’t be easy to remove them without the proper know-how and equipment.  Contact a professional for all your tree removal needs.  Your personal safety and weekend is not worth compromising to save a few bucks.  Our fees are affordable for any budget.