Tree Trimming

Trimming a bush

Tree trimming is an important part of tree survival in suburban and urban areas.  There is a right and a wrong way to trim a tree.  This procedure is best left to professionals.  We talk about tree trimming as if it is a surgery, because it is.  When a war veteran must have a limb removed it is imperative that the procedure is done correctly to ensure that she will thrive.  If the surgeon cuts too close to a joint the healing process will be excruciatingly slow.  If the doctor cuts to far away, infection can set in.  The same factors apply to trees.  Our goal is to trim trees while keeping healthy bark in tact.

The Proper Tools & Equipment

You might be surprised to discover that tree trimming involves very simple tools and equipment.  All one needs are a pruning saw and pruning shears.  Gas and electric powered equipment is not necessary.  In fact, if the tree is larger than ten inches in diameter, it is recommended that you contact Premier Tree Surgeons Albuquerque.  If you find that you must climb a ladder to trim a tree, don’t do it.  Leave tree trimming to the professionals.  We have found trees butchered by well meaning home owners in a hurry to get on with the rest of their weekend.  Contrary to popular believe, a saw and ax are not appropriate tools to use on a tree that you would like to see thrive.

Tree Health

Think of your tree as you do the ends of your hair.  It may seem counterintuitive to trim your hair every three months but that’s just what the stylist orders.  Without trimming your ends, they become scraggly and split.  The result is hair that always looks dirty and unkempt.  We refer to city trees as street kids.  Street kids don’t have the protection of mother trees and like species and therefore need a little human help from time to time.  We are certified arborists who know ho wo trim your tree to preserve its health.  The goal is to cut in a way that does not damage the bark.  We want the tree to form a healthy callus that will protect it from insects and rot. Please know though that, through a more thorough expert analysis of your property's safety and expected circumstances, tree hazard inspections can provide you with peace of mind.

3-Cut Method

There is a right and an absolute wrong way to trim a tree.  The wrong way is to trim hack at it with improper tools and allow the weight of the limb to pull on the bark.  The wrong way may prevent your tree from surviving.  Premier Tree Surgeons Albuquerque employs the 3-cut method when trimming trees.  The first cut is made on the underside of the limb about a third of the way through.  This initial cut is made about a foot away from the trunk.  The second cut is made about 2 inches out from the first cut.  This time the cut is made on the top side and is cut all the way through the limb.  The final cut is made an inch away from the trunk from the top down.